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My Loves A Verb

A photographers journey into the heart of life, and love, through art

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I don't bite and can be very friendly, so come on in and make yourself known and feel free to add me I'll add you back :) Oh yeah and you don't have to ask if you can add me to your journal, just add me :)


If you are reading my bio you MUST be bored! I'm a photographer based in concert photography but do shoot anything. I gathered up a group of talented photographers and created Shutter16.com. In my journal I write a lot about my big beautiful family, my wonderful guy and post loads of photos.More than two behind an lj-cut.

Only thing I ask is please DO NOT ADD ME IF you :

-YoU TyP3 L1K3 ThiS

-are homophobic, racists, or anything of that sort.

President to a flourishing music magazine (www.shutter16.com), we are a collective of 42 concert photojournalist from Charlotte, NC - the Uk- Tel Aviv and back. #twitfromthepit and show us your music scene. Beyond the music scene I'm also a known event photographer, my main gig is philanthropic events but overall I will shoot any assignment that is thrown at me. Late I have dabbled in the strange world of fashion photography. Crazy difference on the lens. Overall I just love to have fun with my camera and have very little if ANY downtown. This journal helps to keep me sane because my industry is not all sugar and puppy dogs. But I do get to meet a lot of wonderful influential people.

A few of my favorite people I've been able to photograph lately:

Willie Nelson
Top Concerts I've shot in 2012
Chiodos - 9

Lamb of God
Top Concerts I've shot in 2012

Garbage (Shirley Manson)
Top Concerts I've shot in 2012

Memphis May Fire
Memphis May Fire -2

Down (Phil Anselmo - Pantera)
Top Concerts I've shot in 2012

Fiona Apple
Top Concerts I've shot in 2012

Relient K
Relient K   - Amos 21

Scott Weiland
scott weiland 358-2

This Energy.
Stone Temple Pilots Charlotte, NC @ Verizon Amphitheater

William Beckett
William Beckett

The Avett Brothers
The Avett Brothers @ Blumenthal Performing Art Center
My stuff is usually outtakes from my nights with with the bands who have hired me out, fun with my family and friends, or random stuff for my 365 project. It's fun to read the other side of stardom or so I'm told. I just like the people and the work or I wouldn't do it. Most of all I love sharing my photgraphy so please come on in and say something. Leave a comment, critique, anything!.

Music is very important to me and I love all except country. If I wanted to be so depressed I could always just dig into my memory books.

Lamb of God @ The National
Lamb of God @ The National. Richmond, Va.

Incubus is my favorite band I've seen them 304 times (was on the road on and off for 10 years with them).
Brandon Boyd of Incubus  Raleigh, NC
Incubus, Raleigh NC @ Verizon.
As such my newest love is photography so I tend to update with a lot of different photos i've taken.
Lets switch to 3rd person , shall we?

The author of this journal is many things but if you call her sane you might as well be calling her a bad name. We all need a little flavor to our personality, hers is vanilla, or was that wine? Artist. Photographer and all around nice person.The author likes long walks on the beach [minus the cheesy lines that go with this], little green men, having to change light bulbs and falling off ladders. She is a world famous klutz and lover of rock music. She listens to every type of music but country, and will hold it against you if you go to shit-kicking bars by mocking you with a horrible southern accent and throwing beer bottles (hates the taste of beer anyway) at you. You know, just to make you feel more comfortable. Resides in the South for now but dreams of going home back up North . She gnaws on pencils when she is sketching just to taste victory. Is a deep intellectual and influential when she can be, but also a vibrant vixen on days you catch her at her best. Lastly, she is incredibly tired of writing in the third person.

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