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new hair and glasses

February 2017



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new hair and glasses


Today is the day of change in my life and pain I hope. It was a strange yet wonderfully freeing feeling . Finding out I can get a radioactive pellet instead of going through months of painful treatment that burns your skin to the point you scale and peel and scale and peel and it weeps and you cry and beyond was a great. Also, finding out I can get the injection this morning at the doctors office as we were next to Radiology and they already scheduled it - EVEN BETTER. I didn't eat or drink anything due to blood work this morning so it was all good. I also had two seperate cortizone injections into the spots around the tumor and frozen shoulder.

The things look like the photo (not mine grabbed from google.) The injections weren't too bad at first they froze my skin. Topical desensitation but inside my shoulder and arm are super inflammed. It keeps me up all darn night and all darn day. It's kept me out of work for months and on meds non-stop. It was easy and done in a blink of an eye. I could drive home afterward and I should overall have much less symptoms and it will keep me from having to go in once a day for weeks on end. A weight was lifted when I was told this. They also saw several rotator cuff tears, which is kind of strange how could I train so hard at the gym and elsewhere and not notice I tore my cuff? That was my question. At my age (not like I'm 90) but in 30's they are kind of normal to see but I have quite a few. It seems I was overtraining my shoulder quite a bit and there was already wear and tear from the tumor growing with no idea it was even in there just reeking havock on my bone and joints. As well as a few other wear spots due to it. Wiht this approach I should not have to have surgery, it will irradicate the tumor as much as possible and I have the probability of getting about 90% motion back.This is EPIC. Compared to two other doctors saying it was just frozen shoulder and couldn't do anything. As well as one doc just saying inoperable (once found tumor) and nothing they could do. You do sometimes just have to put your faith into finding a doctor that would even listen. The first said I probably lifted something wrong gave me some iboprofen and sent me on my way TWICE.   Sure I'll be exhausted from the radiation but should be half way normal soon. So excited.

Other things to be excited about lately? I decided to FINALLY get my hair chopped off. Up until my early 30s I always had some medium to short hairstyle. It fits my face and lifestyle and with needing time to myself and exhauston from treatment I decided to cut it yesterday. It took me 45 minutes to get my hair even remotely managed the other day to go out. I'm not a "get ready for 2 hours" kind of gal. I'm pretty much a get out of shower, squish the hair, throw on bare minimum make-up and there we go. Then having to straighten my hair to even have it look half way decent took way more than 45 minutes I'm done. Also, it was hurting my neck and I was over it.

Started here : (hair was wet right out of shower)
... and the new photo
I actually feel wonderful and a good haircut does that sometimes. Put on a little makeup and BOOM.  Pep in my step.

Good times with doctor today and that's rare. I'm going to do some Shutter work and sleep a few days but yep. Thinks are looking on up :).


I'm sorry to hear you have a tumour :( I hope the radioactive pellets work well!

I like your new hair... I always find a good haircut makes me feel better about the world. Nothing like a bit of pampering when you need it :) *hugs*
Thank you! *hugs*
the new hair is adorable; i love it!!!
Thank you!