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new hair and glasses

February 2017



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new hair and glasses

Bon Jovi hoooooooooooooooooo!

I've found I like to journal when I'm getting ready to start the bedtime ritual. Joe doing his meds in the bathroom. Sometimes I shower with obnoxiously yet relaxing music on. Lube up with a ton of coconut oil afterward and wait for him to saunter into bed where we talk about our day for a good half hour, hug, kiss, whatever (wink) and goodnight. Depends on the night. Tonight I suspect it will be a quick talk and lights out. I'm zonked. I've scripted some on the new site. I've written entire articles on the nonsense the industry is calling music. A music community friends band was picked to open up for Bon Jovi next week. We always follow along with his career and it will be fun to do those images and interview then. It's in SC so I'll be sending someone out and do a phoner with him. Still moving on up for him and that is what we love to cover. Great guy, great talent, and most of all GREAT AT PROMOTION.

Time for some bed. I'm a bit boring but I'm just getting a hang of this again. maybe it's time for some games and finding more friends on here. Friend suggestions?

Been reflecting over the past few days about the fact I haven't picked up my camera since Christmas. This is unheard of in well over a decade I've shot at least one photo a day. Even my cellphone is dry and I usually do so many a day. I've looked through some older photos and know when I am feeling better I want to do some more Crossfit sets.

One of the times I was with Joe when he was training. He is def one of my fave to photograph but only when he has no clue I'm snapping ;)

Of course hit a concert but man I miss the outlet but my equipment is heavy and if I just have the basic camera and a light-ish lens i won't get the same feel I get when using the equipment I worked really hard to attain.

Positive in wanting to journal it is helping me want to write again. I apologize if I have a lot of type-o's tonight I'm just not going back right at the moment. I type too fast for my own good.

Top 10 things to know about me tonight:

  1. Lists are God

  2. Music is like crack to me

  3. I"m having a good pain day and suffer from more documented ailments than I ever want to type in one spot

  4. My dog is obsessed with taking bags of bread, rolls, muffins, anything gluten to bed with us. She buries it in my sheets. I'm allergic to these things and they are around for the kids. I'm not sure if she's trying to kill me or help me by hiding them?!?

  5. I'm cutting off my hair this week. It's well past halfway down my back but it took me 45 minutes the other to day to straighten it just so it did not look like I was electrocuted and I'm sick of it. Most of my life I kept it super short. Not sure what the deal has been lately and with this long of hair.

  6. Fell in love when an artist last night and it helped a new column blossom that my EIC has been talking about for a bit. I"m so excited to have it open with the new website and suspect it will be one of those "goes viral things."

  7. I'm starting to listen to country music now - I mean not a lot but enough. Does this mean i'm getting old, am suicidal, or just having a wave of need something different?

  8. I'm 100% Italian and with that little trinket I'm so excited about tomorrow. I am making a huge pot of homemade sauce with sausage and shells and pasta. All homemade (so I can eat them without reacting). It's days like tomorrow I look forward to taking my time and making something for my family to enjoy all week.  Granted I'm having a good pain day. I'm also doing some different homemade breads (I can eat) apple, banana, and italian for side of pastas.

  9. Trying to find something for Vday for your honey after almost 12 year is posing to be a nightmare for me. We don't need much, we are simple people. I don't care about the regular crap and chocolates are OK. I like a fancy dinner we make or somewhere we haven't eaten that isn't so fancy. He is the same. Maybe a new good book and a smile while we walk around with some coffee just talking. Honestly, alone time where we can just be outside our house and adults with no kids attached is heaven. I love him, he loves me... we celebrate that all the time not just on Vday. I'm a lucky woman and I know it. He's the same! But I do want to get him some kind of trinket. I'll figure it out.

  10. I'm perpetually awake. I try to sleep but the pain doesn't let it happen much. Even with the pain pills and muscle relaxers laterly. So I plan dumb games on my phone and think of what I'm going to write the next day. Once every other week I have a sleeping day or two and pass out for like 36 hours with intermittent pee breaks and hydration stops I think I'm about to hit another one of those any day now. I can't wait to be out of this fibro flare and just SLEEP.