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new hair and glasses

February 2017



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new hair and glasses

Today was a day of celebration, food that made me ill, and bed.

Woke up way too early to a cranky youngest. He stayed up late playing on his tablet, due to only getting it on weekends. We will find balance there soon. He had to be up for church with his sister so apparently that meant whole house had to be up. I was still groggy from yesterday. Joe took one of our eldest sons Brandon to the shop to help on some cases that are left over from last weeks build time and I watched some TV. Another rarity. Two days in a row I watched TV unheard of!! House was almost empty and quiet. Got ready for a crossfit704 baby shower and felt lethargic. Attended ate a few tidbits they all made me feel even worse. Mainly I put a coat on and sat out in the fresh cool air on the front-porch rocking chair. The noise from the group of them all just was giving me anxiety. Nothing new the day after being so doped up for the MRI. I was already feeling pretty meh and when coupled with still trying to metabolize meds it makes me like that. I let a Joe know going in it wasn't me not wanting to be there, or any of that. Just the dumb fibromyalgia and meds. It was all good most there know about it and don't get offended which rocks. Some came out to talk. One suffers from menears disease so he REALLY gets the noise thing. It gets to him so bad he gets dizzy, nausea, and will lose lunch. I used to feel defeated and like a freak. Now I know my limits and with less anxiety around that happens less.

After the party Joe drove us to Starbucks for day 2 being spoiled. We never do that, especially not two days in a row. We enjoyed talking and laughing and I even snap chatted him silly and driving just because. (Crappy snap of Snapchat 😂)

Because while I wasn't feeling my best today was a good day. I wasn't pushed into doing anything that made me feel worse. Interacted at my own pace with non-tiny humans and though on bedrest still was out and about in a capacity I could. It was great.

Came home though to sour stomach (happened way before Starbucks lol) and went right to sleep. They woke me up for dinner. Two nights I didn't have to make it! And now I'm back to bed. Small things wear me out and my body just acts out. But today I was human and in small spurts I wasn't just "sick."

Chalk it up to a win today. Today I felt -Not the worst - and I'll take it!

Ps. All cellphone shots :p


feel better soon honey - I guess it can take some time for the meds to go through your system.
Hope you enjoyed your Starbucks :) yum!