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new hair and glasses

February 2017



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new hair and glasses

Starting over

Seems lj is even a place you have to start over once you've been going a long period of time. I'm hoping to add some new friends over the next few weeks to get a bit more active. When you aren't looking forward to what's going on within a website(host/blog/etc.) it dies off. I don't want to do that. Trying to write an "about me," after all this time -- can it really be OK to say most everything I was about years ago is so very different. It's fun to reflect on things that seemed like huge deals now are just tiny nuances.

Currently I'm working on our new website that *fingers crossed* should be out in a month or so and holy headache. I'm just ready to be done with this already. Going to be long nights of scripting but who am I kidding this is the kind of stuff I live for. Though I've been working already about 10 hours on everything today my eyes are fried. I'm ready to go mess around on social media. Hopefully I have a lot of funny snaps waiting for me.
The daughter went out and got me a white chocolate mocha (my fave starbucks drink!) "just because." She knows I'm stressed being out of work and knows I'm trying to get the site going so we can finally get advertising stuff going and have it be somewhat lucrative to have $ flow again. I'm not the the kind of gal that likes to have her guy make all the money. I'm too independent for that crap. Though after 11 years and all the kiddos he can do the work for a bit ;)

Can I just wind down and laugh? Sure, after I clear the 2500 emails from today that came in (mostly press release related), and participate in an online seminar.
Life is too short to be completely boring!
Definitely an Incubus listening kind of night, photo from the last time I photographed them in Charlotte, NC :)


I love starbucks :) coffee is yum. Hope you get your site out soon :)
I'm a Starbucks junky. She got a giftcard for Xmas and decided to share the love knowing I had a long day. Sometimes she's an angel. But lets be real she's a teenager they all have horns by 13.HAHA! Lots of work to be done on the site but so excited for it to go live. The one up now is "ok" just annoying to do and been up quite a while.
What is your website?

What is your snap?


My website is www.shutter16.com and my snap is mylovesaverb (personal) and Shutter16mag (website)