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new hair and glasses

February 2017



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new hair and glasses

Forget me not.

I need a way to remember to post. It seems I go forever in between. I guess I'm going to end up being one of those selfish jouranlist that barely gets to comment. Have to be moved to words and the BIG ONE, have the time. Currently I am listening to some 35,000 artists that have submitted to the Shutter 16 Magazine, Reverb Nation campaign we have going on (http://www.reverbnation.com/submission/details?campaign_id=5452) and my ears are almost bleeding. Now that I've said that and people assume I'm the hugest bitch in life,really I am not. Some of this is just NOT music. To someone somewhere they are but I think these people need to stop going off how much their mom or uncle and brother love their stuff and maybe STUDY some music. If you can record it with your cellphone AND talk about how it's a song recorded on your phone in your bathroom this does not mean it should be submitted. Work with a pro, you have some decent aspects but have the ability to highlight this. I know it's expensive and takes time but if you are putting out to multiple national media outlets I guarantee you will be remember for being the "could have been." Not where you want to sit. Though some with the god given natural talent can do this. Anyway, I'm just tired of sitting through awful out of tune, lack of creativity hacks that over saturate the local market and hurt the ones that have talent with the "pay for likes" and over spamming my inbox trying to have me hear your brothers favorite song. Just STOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPP.  Hah.

Beyond that, where is spell checker on this thing now, the whole formatting is different, wow so out of the loop. But with all the health woes as of late I really need a place to vent and I miss sharing photos!

Here is an update on what I'm currently booking/thinking about. I wish I had more bands to put on this show that I thought would give a damn enough to promo properly and really get into the vibe of what we are trying to do. Until then I will focus a bit on the revamping and new website we have in the works. So excited!

Day 1 -#shutterfest planning, in the books. Get pumped much more info to come on the next month or so. Too excited!!! #twitfromthepit #shutter16 @shutter16magazine #shutter16magazine #localmusic #locallove #music #concert #festivalseason #getit #mylife #all_photos #photoaday #bestofday #charlotte #nc #f4f #igers #instagood #instadaily #instagrammers #jj #100daysofhappy #365 #365project #proud #weliveformusic

  • Day 1 -#shutterfest planning, in the books. Get pumped much more info to come on the next month or so. Too excited!!! #twitfromthepit #shutter16 @shutter16magazine #shutter16magazine #localmusic #locallove #music #concert #festivalseason #getit #mylife #all_photos #photoaday #bestofday #charlotte #nc #f4f #igers #instagood #instadaily #instagrammers #jj #100daysofhappy #365 #365project #proud #weliveformusic


Hey, good to see you again!

I can't imagine listening to 35,000 artists! Oh my gosh. What a headache. I don't think that makes you sound like a bitch at all. Sometimes people get too much encouragement and not enough direction and it definitely shows in their work!