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new hair and glasses

February 2017



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new hair and glasses

It's funny I photograph some of the most popular people in the world (almost daily) and yet I'm trying to figure how I'm going to make my bills this month and next month and MAYBE have enough left over for a single present a piece per kid. What hell is this? I can't win.

My flash just broke. My backup flash is beat up to hell and needs to be replaced and my two best lens are now in various arrays of broke or not focusing. I can't take the stress of it all lately. My car is two weeks past inspection needed and I have to have done tomorrow and my check engine light just popped on AGAIN. Last time it was a short....

I work absolutely non-stop. I've cut all corners I can. I never go out to eat, stopped gettingy nails done months ago, no new clothes, no shopping spree. I get one vacation a year that is an Xmas present from joes mom each year. Joe works non stop he's cut out all expenditures minus his gym membership same with me.

No matter what we can never ever ever get ahead. I'm in Preregistration for going back (updating) my degrees and getting another to possibly change my career while still keepingy lens active as much as possible. I'm just so tired of this.

Looking for a third job now. How the hell does someone work 75+ hours a week and still need more fn jobs. I guess no more free shoots on my calendar for a while sorry ahead of time.

I'm so defeated. :/


I'm really sorry :( I've been there. I had so many side hustles. You'll get through this and the kids will understand. You're a stronger family already and you'll be even better after this.