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new hair and glasses

February 2017




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Feb. 18th, 2017

new hair and glasses


Day 12 of 90. Update is I'm exhausted and have some weird face/chin/forehead headache. Sleep doesn't help much. Everything tastes weird and nothing makes the nausea leave me alone. So what do I do? Chomp on ice and try to make it through the movies with the kids because tonight is family movie night. #basicthingsareastruggletoday but tomorrow will be better with some rest.
Past few weeks have just been in between - ups and downs with the stuff. Some days I can barely tell I'm on treatment - twighlight days. The rest are like today. Mainly I've napped. Hoping tomorrow is better. I have some time to read I hope where I'm not drooling on my keyboard. Time to catch up with the friends list! <3

Feb. 6th, 2017

new hair and glasses


Today is the day of change in my life and pain I hope. It was a strange yet wonderfully freeing feeling . Finding out I can get a radioactive pellet instead of going through months of painful treatment that burns your skin to the point you scale and peel and scale and peel and it weeps and you cry and beyond was a great. Also, finding out I can get the injection this morning at the doctors office as we were next to Radiology and they already scheduled it - EVEN BETTER. I didn't eat or drink anything due to blood work this morning so it was all good. I also had two seperate cortizone injections into the spots around the tumor and frozen shoulder.

The things look like the photo (not mine grabbed from google.) The injections weren't too bad at first they froze my skin. Topical desensitation but inside my shoulder and arm are super inflammed. It keeps me up all darn night and all darn day. It's kept me out of work for months and on meds non-stop. It was easy and done in a blink of an eye. I could drive home afterward and I should overall have much less symptoms and it will keep me from having to go in once a day for weeks on end. A weight was lifted when I was told this. They also saw several rotator cuff tears, which is kind of strange how could I train so hard at the gym and elsewhere and not notice I tore my cuff? That was my question. At my age (not like I'm 90) but in 30's they are kind of normal to see but I have quite a few. It seems I was overtraining my shoulder quite a bit and there was already wear and tear from the tumor growing with no idea it was even in there just reeking havock on my bone and joints. As well as a few other wear spots due to it. Wiht this approach I should not have to have surgery, it will irradicate the tumor as much as possible and I have the probability of getting about 90% motion back.This is EPIC. Compared to two other doctors saying it was just frozen shoulder and couldn't do anything. As well as one doc just saying inoperable (once found tumor) and nothing they could do. You do sometimes just have to put your faith into finding a doctor that would even listen. The first said I probably lifted something wrong gave me some iboprofen and sent me on my way TWICE.   Sure I'll be exhausted from the radiation but should be half way normal soon. So excited.

Other things to be excited about lately? I decided to FINALLY get my hair chopped off. Up until my early 30s I always had some medium to short hairstyle. It fits my face and lifestyle and with needing time to myself and exhauston from treatment I decided to cut it yesterday. It took me 45 minutes to get my hair even remotely managed the other day to go out. I'm not a "get ready for 2 hours" kind of gal. I'm pretty much a get out of shower, squish the hair, throw on bare minimum make-up and there we go. Then having to straighten my hair to even have it look half way decent took way more than 45 minutes I'm done. Also, it was hurting my neck and I was over it.

Started here : (hair was wet right out of shower)
... and the new photo
I actually feel wonderful and a good haircut does that sometimes. Put on a little makeup and BOOM.  Pep in my step.

Good times with doctor today and that's rare. I'm going to do some Shutter work and sleep a few days but yep. Thinks are looking on up :).

Feb. 2nd, 2017

new hair and glasses

Please, don't say that!

Words that really grind my gears:

- moist

- taint

- groovy

- trump

- bet (when used as slang)

A few of the above can send me into a rage unlike any you have seen. Others just make me uncomfortable.

What are yours?

Feb. 1st, 2017

new hair and glasses

Bon Jovi hoooooooooooooooooo!

I've found I like to journal when I'm getting ready to start the bedtime ritual. Joe doing his meds in the bathroom. Sometimes I shower with obnoxiously yet relaxing music on. Lube up with a ton of coconut oil afterward and wait for him to saunter into bed where we talk about our day for a good half hour, hug, kiss, whatever (wink) and goodnight. Depends on the night. Tonight I suspect it will be a quick talk and lights out. I'm zonked. I've scripted some on the new site. I've written entire articles on the nonsense the industry is calling music. A music community friends band was picked to open up for Bon Jovi next week. We always follow along with his career and it will be fun to do those images and interview then. It's in SC so I'll be sending someone out and do a phoner with him. Still moving on up for him and that is what we love to cover. Great guy, great talent, and most of all GREAT AT PROMOTION.

Time for some bed. I'm a bit boring but I'm just getting a hang of this again. maybe it's time for some games and finding more friends on here. Friend suggestions?

Been reflecting over the past few days about the fact I haven't picked up my camera since Christmas. This is unheard of in well over a decade I've shot at least one photo a day. Even my cellphone is dry and I usually do so many a day. I've looked through some older photos and know when I am feeling better I want to do some more Crossfit sets.

One of the times I was with Joe when he was training. He is def one of my fave to photograph but only when he has no clue I'm snapping ;)

Of course hit a concert but man I miss the outlet but my equipment is heavy and if I just have the basic camera and a light-ish lens i won't get the same feel I get when using the equipment I worked really hard to attain.

Positive in wanting to journal it is helping me want to write again. I apologize if I have a lot of type-o's tonight I'm just not going back right at the moment. I type too fast for my own good.

Top 10 things to know about me tonight:

  1. Lists are God

  2. Music is like crack to me

  3. I"m having a good pain day and suffer from more documented ailments than I ever want to type in one spot

  4. My dog is obsessed with taking bags of bread, rolls, muffins, anything gluten to bed with us. She buries it in my sheets. I'm allergic to these things and they are around for the kids. I'm not sure if she's trying to kill me or help me by hiding them?!?

  5. I'm cutting off my hair this week. It's well past halfway down my back but it took me 45 minutes the other to day to straighten it just so it did not look like I was electrocuted and I'm sick of it. Most of my life I kept it super short. Not sure what the deal has been lately and with this long of hair.

  6. Fell in love when an artist last night and it helped a new column blossom that my EIC has been talking about for a bit. I"m so excited to have it open with the new website and suspect it will be one of those "goes viral things."

  7. I'm starting to listen to country music now - I mean not a lot but enough. Does this mean i'm getting old, am suicidal, or just having a wave of need something different?

  8. I'm 100% Italian and with that little trinket I'm so excited about tomorrow. I am making a huge pot of homemade sauce with sausage and shells and pasta. All homemade (so I can eat them without reacting). It's days like tomorrow I look forward to taking my time and making something for my family to enjoy all week.  Granted I'm having a good pain day. I'm also doing some different homemade breads (I can eat) apple, banana, and italian for side of pastas.

  9. Trying to find something for Vday for your honey after almost 12 year is posing to be a nightmare for me. We don't need much, we are simple people. I don't care about the regular crap and chocolates are OK. I like a fancy dinner we make or somewhere we haven't eaten that isn't so fancy. He is the same. Maybe a new good book and a smile while we walk around with some coffee just talking. Honestly, alone time where we can just be outside our house and adults with no kids attached is heaven. I love him, he loves me... we celebrate that all the time not just on Vday. I'm a lucky woman and I know it. He's the same! But I do want to get him some kind of trinket. I'll figure it out.

  10. I'm perpetually awake. I try to sleep but the pain doesn't let it happen much. Even with the pain pills and muscle relaxers laterly. So I plan dumb games on my phone and think of what I'm going to write the next day. Once every other week I have a sleeping day or two and pass out for like 36 hours with intermittent pee breaks and hydration stops I think I'm about to hit another one of those any day now. I can't wait to be out of this fibro flare and just SLEEP.

Jan. 29th, 2017

new hair and glasses

(no subject)

Today was a day of celebration, food that made me ill, and bed.

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new hair and glasses

MRI- Valium and pancakes

Random oddity: Today was #nationalblueberrypancakeday.

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Jan. 26th, 2017

new hair and glasses

Duh - public vs myself... My spirit animal is.

So I've been updating faithfully, and realized I had it all locked down to just myself.

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Jan. 16th, 2017

new hair and glasses

Starting over

Seems lj is even a place you have to start over once you've been going a long period of time. I'm hoping to add some new friends over the next few weeks to get a bit more active. When you aren't looking forward to what's going on within a website(host/blog/etc.) it dies off. I don't want to do that. Trying to write an "about me," after all this time -- can it really be OK to say most everything I was about years ago is so very different. It's fun to reflect on things that seemed like huge deals now are just tiny nuances.

Currently I'm working on our new website that *fingers crossed* should be out in a month or so and holy headache. I'm just ready to be done with this already. Going to be long nights of scripting but who am I kidding this is the kind of stuff I live for. Though I've been working already about 10 hours on everything today my eyes are fried. I'm ready to go mess around on social media. Hopefully I have a lot of funny snaps waiting for me.
The daughter went out and got me a white chocolate mocha (my fave starbucks drink!) "just because." She knows I'm stressed being out of work and knows I'm trying to get the site going so we can finally get advertising stuff going and have it be somewhat lucrative to have $ flow again. I'm not the the kind of gal that likes to have her guy make all the money. I'm too independent for that crap. Though after 11 years and all the kiddos he can do the work for a bit ;)

Can I just wind down and laugh? Sure, after I clear the 2500 emails from today that came in (mostly press release related), and participate in an online seminar.
Life is too short to be completely boring!
Definitely an Incubus listening kind of night, photo from the last time I photographed them in Charlotte, NC :)

Jan. 15th, 2017

new hair and glasses

Who am I, now? 2017 is going to be a year of healing and rebirth

I think honeslty livejournal should penelize those who are away so long and expect anyone to still even read their journals. I'm a shit journal-er when I am so busy I want to cry. My job is now changing and with that I'll have time to journal again. Not promising anything but damn I need an outlet. This shall jump all over the place do to I write in stream of thought .. streams. My grammar sucks and this is my journal I'll have an editor edit my pieces not my free streaming livejournal, k? K.

Life has given me many ups and downs. 2013-until the end of 2016 I was immersed in the crem-de-la-crem of socieity. All the richest in the Carolina's knew my name. That I did photos and no matter what I was on their call list for the gala's the group photos, the family shots, all the weddings,and anything you could imagine. Nascar Races, NFL games, MBA games all their gala's and big fundraisers. I was working for upwards of 250 non-profits on a rotating door. If I couldn't shoot there were two other photographers that we bounced the work between us. Life was going great. Making hourly $ for shoots is awesome - a great business, especially when you can give back to the community with your imagery to help get others out to donate. In 2015 I won an award for my non-profit work and over a years time I helped businesses meet and raise money. Combined in that year I helped to raise 1.8 Million dollars. Let me let that set in again I raised for 1.8million dollars for charity myself. It was a great accolade to collect under my belt and I didn't so much as make a shout about it anywhere on social media and now that we are in 2017 I feel fine talking about it. I didnt want congrats for getting people help. Read more...Collapse )

Apr. 20th, 2015

new hair and glasses

Forget me not.

I need a way to remember to post. It seems I go forever in between. I guess I'm going to end up being one of those selfish jouranlist that barely gets to comment. Have to be moved to words and the BIG ONE, have the time. Currently I am listening to some 35,000 artists that have submitted to the Shutter 16 Magazine, Reverb Nation campaign we have going on (http://www.reverbnation.com/submission/details?campaign_id=5452) and my ears are almost bleeding. Now that I've said that and people assume I'm the hugest bitch in life,really I am not. Some of this is just NOT music. To someone somewhere they are but I think these people need to stop going off how much their mom or uncle and brother love their stuff and maybe STUDY some music. If you can record it with your cellphone AND talk about how it's a song recorded on your phone in your bathroom this does not mean it should be submitted. Work with a pro, you have some decent aspects but have the ability to highlight this. I know it's expensive and takes time but if you are putting out to multiple national media outlets I guarantee you will be remember for being the "could have been." Not where you want to sit. Though some with the god given natural talent can do this. Anyway, I'm just tired of sitting through awful out of tune, lack of creativity hacks that over saturate the local market and hurt the ones that have talent with the "pay for likes" and over spamming my inbox trying to have me hear your brothers favorite song. Just STOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPP.  Hah.

Beyond that, where is spell checker on this thing now, the whole formatting is different, wow so out of the loop. But with all the health woes as of late I really need a place to vent and I miss sharing photos!

Here is an update on what I'm currently booking/thinking about. I wish I had more bands to put on this show that I thought would give a damn enough to promo properly and really get into the vibe of what we are trying to do. Until then I will focus a bit on the revamping and new website we have in the works. So excited!

Day 1 -#shutterfest planning, in the books. Get pumped much more info to come on the next month or so. Too excited!!! #twitfromthepit #shutter16 @shutter16magazine #shutter16magazine #localmusic #locallove #music #concert #festivalseason #getit #mylife #all_photos #photoaday #bestofday #charlotte #nc #f4f #igers #instagood #instadaily #instagrammers #jj #100daysofhappy #365 #365project #proud #weliveformusic

  • Day 1 -#shutterfest planning, in the books. Get pumped much more info to come on the next month or so. Too excited!!! #twitfromthepit #shutter16 @shutter16magazine #shutter16magazine #localmusic #locallove #music #concert #festivalseason #getit #mylife #all_photos #photoaday #bestofday #charlotte #nc #f4f #igers #instagood #instadaily #instagrammers #jj #100daysofhappy #365 #365project #proud #weliveformusic

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